CIRCOM Regional has published a new report Social Media and Online Community in European Regional Broadcasters pdf at its Annual Conference in Cavtat in Cavtat, Croatia, May 2014.

It looks at the regional activities of 39 broadcasters, all members of CIRCOM Regional, focusing specifically on these broadcasters’ component regional stations. The broadcasters are based in 31 European countries. The research for this report was carried out between September 2013 and April 2014 by Media Consultant Blathnaid Healy and surveys the broadcasters from a user’s perspective. The report was commissioned by CIRCOM Regional so that it could better understand the landscape that its member stations are operating in.

Some of the main findings:

  • There is no universal approach to social media across the regional broadcasters surveyed, this report found a diversity of approach
  • The majority of regional broadcasters have joined social networks within the past five years
  • Most regional broadcasters are using social networks to promote content on other platforms i.e. television programmes or content on their websites
  • 74% of the regional stations surveyed had at least one Facebook page
  • 31% of regional stations surveyed had at least one YouTube account
  • 62% of regional stations surveyed had at least one Twitter account
  • 52% of regional stations surveyed enable audience interaction (includes: comments, user generated content, polls, quizzes etc)
  • 24% of regional stations surveyed have a UGC upload function on their website or app, or have put out a call for content on one of these platforms

Secretary General of CIRCOM Johan Linden said: "It is a privilege to be able to present this report. Never before has there been such a display of regional broadcasters in full change, adapting to new technologies. I think it will serve as a great tool for broadcasters to learn how their peers are adapting to changing audience behaviour.”