16-18th October 2019
European Youth Centre, Zivatar utca 1-3, Budapest, Hungary

Applications are now open for the next “Leading through change” workshop led by Mia Costello. Inspirational, practical and honest and an eye-opener are just some of the comments from delegates who’ve attended this workshop in 2018.


Everyone recognises how fast broadcasting is changing, especially with the move to digital platforms. But what does it mean for those leading teams producing output? How does the way in which they lead affect their teams and the output they produce?

This 3-day, highly interactive leadership programme is designed for anyone leading an editorial team whether in radio, tv, online or social media. It offers support to managers, by increasing their confidence and know-how and giving them practical tools to use when leading people through constant change.

It’s based on the idea that an effective leader needs to empower their team to make decisions for themselves. It’s asks delegates to reflect on their leadership style and how this affects those working around them.

We look at 3 main themes:

  • Clarity – How clear are you with your team about what’s expected of them? How have you articulated why you do what you do and how do you measure success?
  • Managing performance through feedback – how confident are you at managing your team’s performance through feedback and honest conversations. This training offers practical tools and techniques.
  • How to empower teams - As the leader, you don’t have to know all the answers. You can’t any more. But you do need to know the right questions to ask. And you need to develop a professional level of listening.

Who’s it for?

This training works well for editorial people leading an output team, whether on TV, radio, online or social media. They can be new to the role or have several years of experience. It takes a multi-platform approach to leadership.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand what is required of an effective leader and to increase confidence in managing change
  • To understand your own style and how it affects those around you
  • To be able to offer clarity to your teams about what’s expected and how to deliver it
  • To understand how to empower your team to think for themselves
  • To know how to hold honest conversations and manage performance
  • To understand how to handle those who don’t want to change
  • To have clear and tailored personal goals for the next 90 days

Workshop Timetable

ltc2019 timetable

Application form

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DEADLINE: Monday 16th September 2019

Please return by email to Brigitte Waltsburger:
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