Italy is under enormous pressure to cope with the coronavirus epidemic.

RAI covid19 guidlinesRAI, the public service media, is on the front line to provide the people with so much needed trustworthy and reliable information how to stay safe, what everyone can do to protect themselves, their families and friends, their loved ones.

Italy is the Zero Zone in Europe. From the very beginning of the crisis our colleagues from RAI have been working around the clock to serve the society in the best possible way. They reformed on the go. Now they are sharing with us their best approaches and their best practices.

You can read their crisis guidelines HERE.

RAI went further on responding to the restrictions of staying at home. Now RAI is changing its programme schedule to deliver even more information on the spread of the disease. The Italian public service media digital platforms are actively promoting access to arts and culture. Education, allowing children to continue their studies is of vital importance. Our Italian colleagues are putting online even more educational content while making it easily accessible. They encourage young generations to dig into the knowledge needed for the future. 

You can read about RAI change of programme and content development HERE.