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European Elections 2014

thumb ep elections2014EP Audiovisual Service:
- book to cover European Elections
- first presidential debate

Swedish commercial television closing all regional stations

thumb sweden flagThe Swedish Broadcaster TV4 decided to close all 25 local and regional stations.

Investigative Journalism summer school

thumb cijApplications are now being accepted for the summer school organised by the CENTRE for INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM in London

Workshop on Live Broadcasting

thumb rte dundalkRTÉ and DKIT hosted workshop on live broadcasting - check out Karol Cioma's workshop overview

Eva Hamilton to leave SVT

svtDirector General of SVT, Eva Hamilton, decided to step down.

RTV Slovenija's Val 202 experimenting to improve user engagement

thumb smMatej Praprotnik is the Assistant Director for Radio Strategies at RTV Slovenija. He was a delegate at CIRCOM Regional's Social Media Workshop at ROOS Dagen 2014 where he delivered a presentation on this topic.

Crowdsourcing dangerous crossroads in Finland

thumb smSimo Kymalainen is an Online Producer at YLE , who participated in CIRCOM Regional's Social Media Workshop at ROOS Dagen 2014, he writes about a successful YLE crowdsourced reporting project.

Meet the Prix 2014 Judges
thumb prix214 judges, TV professionals from 14 European countries, named for the Prix 2014 judging.

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