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CIRCOM Regional is a Professional Association of Regional Public Service Television in Europe

The acronym “CIRCOM” represents a declaration of intent, worded in French and abbreviated like this: “Cooperative Internationale de Recherche et d’Action en matière de Communication (International Cooperative for Research and Action on the Field of Communication). That long description was abbreviated for practical reasons to six capital letters: CIRCOM.


map members Portugal Spain Spain France France Ireland UK UK Belgium


ukA Unique International Audiovisual Network in Europe

Promoting and developing cooperation between members

Co-producing and exchanging programmes

Strengthening vocational training for journalists and technicians across Europe




franceUnique réseau audiovisuel International en Europe

Promouvoir et developper la cooperation entre les membres

Realiser des coproductions echanger des programmes

Intensifier la formation permanente des journalistes et techniciens au niveau europeen





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