hp aer crPublic Regional Television under siege -

A threat to European regional democracy and diversity?
13th February, 2014, Rue Froissart 95, Brussels, 16h00-19h30


No one doubts that free and pluralistic media is crucial for European Democracy. Yet, Regional Television all over Europe is currently facing severe conditions: some stations have been closed down, some are suffering from hard financial cut backs, others are reorganised and centralized. Which impact does this have on information pluralism, European diversity, citizenship and European democracy in general ? What role do regional and European decision makers play? What is the future of public Regional Television?

The conference gathered representatives of European and regional TV stations and other media, as well as regional and European decision makers. The objectives were to raise awareness about the current situation of regional TV stations, to discuss the role of regional TV stations in the promotion of democracy and to shed light on the possible future of regional TV and media.


Panelists and contributors:
- Thomas Wobben, Director for Horizontal Networks and Studies at European Union Committee of the Regions
- Fernando R.OJEA, CRTVG, Spain
- Johan LINDEN, SVT, Sweden and CircomRegional Secretary General
- Anna DYDA, TVP, Poland, Head of Coordination of Regional Branches Unit
- Domagoj NOVOKMET, Editor, News and Current Affairs, Media Service HRT, Croatia
- Ana TOMANOVA- MAKANOVA, VP of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina, Serbia
- Marianne SAENEN, Member of the Walloon Parliament
- Marcel BOULOGNE, Head of Sector, "Implementation of Regulatory Policy" of the DG Connect at the European Commission

Panels moderator:
Michael LALLY, Ireland, RTE and TG4


video Interviews with the panelists and event hosts






Brussels Press Club I Rue Froissart 95 I 1040 Brussels


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Pascal Goergen, AER Secretary General

Johan Lindén, CIRCOM Regional Secretary General

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