Yaser Bishr145

Dr. Yaser Bishr, Al Jazeera
session: AJ+ is there to change storytelling
AJ+ has proven to be one of the most innovative media outlets around. With a bold, online only strategy focused on new storytelling formats, the brand has taken the world by surprise and was able to reach new audiences on important topics. Their punchy, mobile centered style has seduced the youth and attracted them to Al Jazeera.
Dr. Yaser Bishr, Al Jazeera's global executive director of digital media will talk about their will to change storytelling, and the way they are tackling the problem of the future of media.



Hubert Lacroix145Hubert Lacroix, CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
session: Attracting and serving the youth: a view from Canada
Hear the take of Hubert Lacroix on this challenge as CBC is unfolding its "Next Generation" project, an initiative created by the youth and for the youth within the values of public service media.
For the first time CIRCOM goes far to the middle of north Atlantic, at equidistance from Paris and New York. This makes for a good opportunity to have a look to other side of the bridge… CBC is the historic public broadcaster of the country, which is present in radio, television and new outlets on the regional level, as well as on the local and national ones. CBC offers multilingual programming in English and French and serves a multi-ethnic audience.
Hubert Lacroix has been the CEO of the CBC, Canadian public broadcaster, for the last six years and has fought for the public media in difficult times in the previous government when there were strong budget cuts. Before his nomination at the head of CBC, he was a lawyer and is to many a National Canadian Personality.


speaker Julien Pain145Julien Pain, FTV
L'instant détox, a new format to debunk fake news
session: Factchecking. A trend, a Must
Julien Pain has been specialising in fact-checking for 10 years. With his current programme "L'instant détox" (the detox moment), broadcast on the French continuous news channel "France Info", Julien is innovating in this field while trying to reach a new audience.
What good is there in fighting hoaxes and fake news if nobody is trusting journalists anymore? The programme confronts random people on the street with fake news currently circulating on social media and re-establishes the truth. The entirety of the recording of the programme is broadcast live on Facebook, which allows complete transparency about the way the show is made, and reaches a younger audience. Each week, several thousand viewers follow the livestream and interact with the host in real time through comments. This is a way to pull fact-checking from closed circles and bring it directly in the street.


isabella di chio145Isabella Di Chio, RAI
session: Disasters Coverage
Isabella Di Chio is a RAI journalist and an anchor-woman of TGR Lazio, currently working as a reporter from Amatrice and the territories affected by the earthquake of last August 24.
After her degree in Classical studies and literature at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", she attended the School of Journalism in Perugia.
She worked for Capital Radio and Tv2000 before coming to RAI in 2001, where she joined RAI International and led the TG for nine years. From March 2010 she is a journalist and anchor-woman at RAI TGR Lazio. She is accredited by the Holy See Press Office. She has been awarded the Knight Order of the Italian Republic. In 2002 she won the "Premio Val di Sole per un giornalismo trasparente. Multimedialità per l’altra Italia". She also writes stories for children.


Mika Rahkonen145Mika Rahkonen, Yle
session: It’s Not the Device, Stupid!
Mika Rahkonen is heading a Media Lab and Development team at the News and Current Affairs Division at Yle, Finnish Broadcasting Corporation. He oversees new journalistic concepts, radio and TV program overhauls, all kinds of experiments/prototyping and different sort of re-designs. The goal is to keep Yle ahead of the curve in digital media development. 
Previously Mika was the Head of Internet and overseeing the strategic planning in the News and Current Affairs division. He has also worked as a Managing Editor in the Yle News, and before that spent 10 years in the Business News department.

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