meeting330The third forum for senior managers, the leaders in public regional broadcasting, will be held in Stockholm on 16th June 2017 at the kind invitation of SVT.

The theme of the forum is From Broadcast Only to Broadcast and Online Equally Important - Change of Strategy to Make Room for Digital Innovation.

Public Service broadcasters, as well as other legacy media, are all seeking for models that will make us remain relevant and achieve our journalistic mission and ambitions in this constantly changing media environment.
CIRCOM’s objective “to bring together researchers and professionals from the mass media across borders and initiate a dynamic cultural approach in regional development” has never been more important.
Sharing knowledge and experience across borders are more important now than ever: the financial situation combined with the fragmentation of our media universes forces us to decide not only what to do, but also what we will have to stop doing so that we can focus on the necessary innovations.

Forum host, SVT, celebrated its 60th anniversary in November 2016 by implementing a completely new strategy - SVT's experience will be shared at the forum, from the planning, the implementation and the concrete consequences of their new strategy with focus on the local and regional perspective.