Plenary Sessions (Ballroom)


  • opening09:00 Welcome to the 2020 Vision
    The business of the conference starts here as the scene is set for 2020 by the Malta Government, PBS Malta and CIRCOM Regional and delegates are welcomed.
    Michael Lally, President of CIRCOM Regional
    Dolores Christina, Minister of Education, Employment and Family
    Joshep Mizzi, Chairman, PBS Malta and Vice President, CIRCOM Regional




  • 09:45 The challenges facing Public Service Broadcasting
    A review of the key issues which public service broadcasters in the regions face as the new decade starts – from finance to competition, from new forms of distribution to constant demands for change and efficiencies in the studios. Claudio Cappon is in a unique position to assess the challenges.
    Claudio Cappon,  Vice President, European Broadcasting Union
  • session310:30 The challenge of competition: How our competitors plan to get there ahead of us
    It is not just PSBs which are facing up to change: so do our competitors. What are their plans for the next decade and how confident are they that they will win the battle for viewers? It is a competition which is increasingly moving into web, mobile and self-select as well as continuing in linear TV.
    Chair: Michael Lally, President of CIRCOM Regional
    Ross Biggam, Association of Commercial TV Broadcasters
    John Ranelagh, TV2 Norway

11:30 Coffee break


  • 12:00 The challenge of change for Public Service Broadcasters
    After the view from Europe on the challenges, now here is a view from the other side of the Atlantic. In this keynote, Doug MacNamara, the Canadian leadership expert, examines the threats to public service television and offers advice on how they can be countered.
    Chair: Michael Lally, President of CIRCOM Regional and Doug Macnamara, Banff Executive Leadership and International Institute for TV Media Leadership
    Doug Macnamara's presentation pdf n


13:00 Lunch break, with TV Dating at the restaurant lunch tables

  • session514:15 The challenge of having no money
    What use are brilliant ideas and production energy without enough money to do the job and certainty of funding going forward to allow investment risks to be taken. In the aftermath of a deep recession, do we have to admit that the money has run out for public service broadcasters in the regions?
    Chair: Boris Bergant, former President and General Secretary of CIRCOM Regional and Vice President, EBU
    Miklos Haraszti, formerly Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe
    Jacques Briquemont, RTBF and formerly EBU
    Michel Gregoire, EGTA (European Association of Television and Radio Sales Houses) presentation pdf n

  • session615:15 The challenge of TV on the move
    Gone are the days when television was watched by a family huddled around a television set in its home, watching programmes in the order decreed by a scheduling expert in a television centre. For viewers, we now have users; for TV sets, mobile phones; for programmes, video downloads. Is this a world in which regional public service broadcasters can ever hope to compete?
    Chair: Marija Nemcic ,HRT and Prof Dr Heinz Gerhäuser, Fraunhofer

16:00 Coffee break


  • 16:15 The challenge of operational change
    New technology, new working practices, new structures: all contribute to a constant change in regional public service broadcasters as we struggle to contain costs and quality. But are we doing enough? And what are the lessons we are learning?
    Chair: Roel Dijkhuis, consultant, RTV Noord and former Vice President of CIRCOM Regional
    Jean-Marc Dubois, FTV Regions
    Gert Semler, management consultant
    Grethe Gynnild Johnsen, NRK
    Brigitte Vermeersch, VRT
  • session917:15 The challenges of 2020: An overview
    After a day of challenges, how seriously should we take the problems which face us? Are they insurmountable or are there reasons to be cheerful?
    Michael Lally, President of CIRCOM Regional
    Ross Biggam, ACT
    Miklos Haraszti, former OSCE
    Marija Nemcic, HRT

17:45 Close of the day of challenges




Programme Ideas Exchange (Castile room)

  • session714:15 Programme Ideas Exchange

If you have formats and programme ideas and want others to join you in co-operation or co-production, this is the workshop for you. If you are looking for new formats and partners, this is where you will fi nd them. The session is open to all to discuss programmes. There is also an opportunity to fi nd out about the provision of facilities for coverage of the European Parliament and the online Europarl TV service.
Chairs: Alexander Pletser, RTBF, and Heike Stiegler, BRF Studio Franken
Including Fernando Carbajo and Kirsten van Kampen, European Parliament, George Kasimatis, Europarl TV, and Patrick Delfosse, Mostra
17:00 Session ends and move to Plenary Ballroom