FernandoROjeaFernando R. Ojea
Secretary General Elect of CIRCOM Regional 

Future… and present
No doubt these days in Plovdiv we are going to talk about the future of journalism and of public service as we use to do in every Annual Conference of CIRCOM Regional. But indeed the present has burst into our discussions. The happenings in a rapidly changing Europe, marked by the terrorist attacks and the refugee crisis, cannot leave our regional journalism indifferent and these issues are going to stand out during our sessions. Let alone this unique opportunity to exchange knowledge through debates, networking and mainly the Prix CIRCOM, the best showcase of the quality standards that CIRCOM Regional members are able to reach.
Welcome everybody!


Juliana Toncheva
Vice President of CIRCOM Regional JulianaToncheva

For the dedicated journalist today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to comprehensively cover the dynamic events taking place not only on the old continent, but also around the world. Therefore, our primary task is to unite efforts and exchange ideas on how to contribute to solving the problems we cover and examine how, by means of the practices of constructive journalism, we can inspire and attract people to be not mere spectators but also participants in what we do and in what is happening around us.

I am convinced that the conference in Plovdiv will provide us with an exceptional opportunity. It will be the forum where, through exchanging knowledge and experience, we will discuss various approaches that can address and overcome the challenges before our peoples today, and will contribute to elevating the prestige and role of public broadcasters in the regions of Europe.


ivan totev

Eng. Ivan Totev
Mayor of the City of Plovdiv

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am proud of being the Mayor of the sixth oldest living city in the world and the oldest in Europe, endowed with more than 200 cultural and historical sites and over 300,000 portable cultural monuments, with finds from seven archaeological periods.
Plovdiv’s rich and ancient history has left lasting traces on its architecture even to this day. Remains of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and of contemporary culture coexist, woven into the irresistible beauty of the millennia-old city. At every step, one comes across pieces of world history. The journey through the Old Town and along the streets of Plovdiv is a journey through time and civilisations.
Today, our city is successfully developing as a leading destination of culture and cultural tourism. This progress is due to the efforts of many generations of Plovdiv creators and people who are have devoted, and continue to give, the best years of their life to the city. They have all left their lasting imprint forever.
The calendar of Plovdiv includes more than 100 prestigious events—opera, chamber and symphonic concerts, theatre festivals, rock concerts, exhibitions and cultural products of all genres of art that have long received broad international recognition. The preservation and popularisation of Bulgarian traditions, culture and spirit are a mission that is passed on from generation to generation.
Plovdiv won the award for ‘Cultural Tourism 2015’ and was named ‘Balkan Capital of Culture’ at the 2015 annual BALKAN AWARDS FOR TOURISM INDUSTRY. Every year, the Parade of Young Wine Festival is held here. We developed the first map for wine tourism in the country. Our city was selected to host, in 2016, the most prestigious independent wine competition in the world—Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.
Plovdiv is the first Bulgarian city to win the 2019 title European Capital of Culture and proved, in an international context, that it can utilise its resources for cultural tourism and deserves to win titles that give it worldwide prestige and popularity.
The gates of Plovdiv are thrown wide open to people who want to immerse themselves in a special and unique city, full of a remarkable spirit and atmosphere. We will greet you with a ‘Welcome’ and with traditional Bulgarian hospitality!
There is something preordained in the destiny and millennia-old history of Plovdiv. I am sure you can all discover that for yourselves.
Welcome to Plovdiv!


Vyara Ankova
BNT director general


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