Klaus UnterbergerDr. Klaus Unterberger

Dr. Klaus Unterberger is the head of the public-value-centre of expertise at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), responsible for the broadcaster’s quality control system, including internal and external evaluation, audience and expert-panels. He manages communications, including the Public Value Report and an online platform. He is also a member of the ORF Board of Ethics, supervising the organisation’s code of conduct.




Laura SboarinaLaura Sboarina
Cullen International

Laura Sboarina has been Principal Analyst at Cullen International since September 2011. She previously worked as a Head of Public and Regulatory Affairs at the Association of Television and Radio Sales Houses (EGTA). Before moving to Brussels, she held the position of Public Affairs Officer in the International and EU Affairs Department of RAI.





Jiri BurianekJiří Buriánek
European Committee of the Region

Jiří Buriánek studied law specialising in Public Sector Management at the University of Passau and has a PhD in European Law. He embarked on a legal career and for several years worked as manager in various entities in the German public sector. He started his career in European affairs in 1993 as an expert for network industries and subsequently became Secretary-General for PostEurop. He joined the European Commission in 2001, where he worked as Enlargement Manager for the Directorate-General Joint Research Centre. Since 2006 he has served as Director responsible for Research, Industry and Innovation as well as for Transport, Telecommunications and Energy in the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union. In 2014 he was elected Committee of the Regions' Secretary General.


judge2015 mattias barsk Matthias Barsk

Mattias Barsk is deputy manager of minority programs (Sami, Finnish, Jiddish, Romani chib, Meänkieli and Sign language) at SVT. With his own roots based within minorities, he has changed the perspective on many new programmes such as Sapmi Sisters, The Sauna Ballet and Love in Finland. He has produced documentary series, children’s, science and adventure programmes, working both online and in broadcast and using social media as a part of his storytelling.
Many of the programmes he has developed are what he calls mash-ups: something known is mixed with something unknown, to bring us something totally new.


Claudio Cappon Claudio Cappon

Claudio Cappon is a former Director General of RAI (2001–2002). From December 2009 to December 2014 he was Vice President of the EBU. In April 2016 he was elected Secretary General of COPEAM.





Carolina Kallestal Carolina Källestål

Carolina Källestål is Head of News at Sveriges Television. She formerly worked with local news, and with programme development at Swedish TV4 in a variety of roles, including head of news, chief editor, news anchor and reporter.





S Nardi Serafino Nardi
European Committee of the Regions

Serafino Nardi is Head of Unit PRESS at the European Committee of the Regions. He is a former member of the Cabinet of the Secretary General of the European Committee of the Regions and a PhD in Political Sciences and EU Law at the Sant'Anna High School of Pisa, Italy.





Lina Abusagr Lina Abusagr

Lina Abusagr is a reporter at the SVY local station in Gavle, Sweden. She recently completed her education in journalism at Södeertörn University, Stockholm, and has been employed at SVT since October 2015.





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