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It is with great pleasure that the Government of the Azores joins the Annual conference of European regional public televisions, and congratulates the organisers for choosing the Autonomous Region of the Azores to host the 2017 edition.

The Azores are one of the best examples of the importance of a regional public service of television and radio, as a vehicle of information and education of the citizens, but also as a way to strengthen the unique identity of an island territory. I believe, therefore, that the conditions are there for the CIRCOM Regional Annual Conference to find in the Autonomous Region of the Azores the ideal stage for a debate that strengthens the role of regional televisions, which are essential to the deepening of democracy all over Europe.

On my behalf and on behalf of the Government of the Azores, I wish you good work, hoping the magnificent natural beauties of the Azores are also used as inspiration for the two days of the CIRCOM Regional Annual Conference.

Welcome to you all!


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It's a great pleaseure to meet so many CIRCOM Regional members at the 2017 Annual Conference in Ponta Delgada, Azores Islands, Portugal, hosted by RTP, Portugal's Public service radio and television company.

RTP is an historical member of CIRCOM Regional since its foundation. Now, for the first time, we welcome you in the Azores. And this invitation has a very special meaning for us.

The Azores Archipelago is 1,000 miles away from the Portuguese mainland, in the middle of the North Atlantic, and is the most western region of Europe. In fact it is the best example of ultraperipheric region in our old continent.

In the Azores RTP has a very relevant Radio and Television Center. RTP Azores broadcasts its own radio and television regional channels, with significant local production. We have a strong commitment toward our regional operation in the Azores and it is a great opportunity to share this with our CIRCOM Regional colleagues.

Azores has recently become a better known touristic destination, and so many visitors are discovering this paradise where the nature is so well preserved, admiring the volcanic activity of the islands, their magic lakes, the whales in the blue and deep sea and meeting the Azorean charming people. I do hope you have some time to enjoy the Azores islands and just be amazed with its beauty.

I would like to thank the Azores Regional Government for its involvement in this conference, as well as the contribution of so many professionals from RTP, CIRCOM Regional and other entities that have done their best.

Let´s all have a great conference!


w LorinaAmaral

Welcome to the Azores, more specifically to São Miguel, an island located on the eastern group of this wonderful archipelago, where roads flanked by hydrangeas and azaleas hide enchanting nooks like, for example, their unique and magnificent lagoons, all of them with different characteristics but of a rare beauty. The green of the landscape and the blue of the ocean add shine to the black basalt, a source of inspiration for poets, musicians, and painters.

RTP/Azores had and still has a fundamental role in the union between the nine islands of the Azores, connecting its people and creating a close relationship not just among the Azorean people, but also with the Azoreans scattered around the world, broadcasting through information and cultural programmes and through its productions the experience “Of the People We Are” and who have made RTP Azores known outside the country.

It is a great honour for the RTP to host, in the Azores, the 35th CIRCOM Regional Annual Conference.

I wish everyone an excellent stay.



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Sharing the same perspective

The 35th CIRCOM Regional Annual Conference is taking place on the beautiful islands of the Azores, far away from the European mainland, with the Atlantic Ocean surrounding us on all sides. Europe's regions differ in size and population, we are both close to and far from capitals and big cities, but we share the same regional perspective. And still, we are facing the same challenges that all of Europe faces, even when it comes to the future of the media. The rapidly changing user habits, the global competition, the 24hrs on-demand availability and the challenge of reaching the digital generation. This is what the 35th CIRCOM Regional conference focuses on.

The theme is "Regional TV facing new screens". These five words somehow encapsulate the debates that we will hold in Ponta Delgada about where journalism is going in the digitalized media, or about disruptive models for news production that some of us are experiencing, or about projects aimed at reaching new generations and involving the audience. We will also have the opportunity to get to know the overviews from two sides of the world, Canada and the Middle East, through two relevant broadcasters, CBC and Al Jazeera. Focus sessions on fact-checking in this time of post-truth and on regional coverage of natural disasters, will bring us back to issues that are really concerning the regional public service media nowadays. Everything will be discussed in the participative and familiar spirit that CIRCOM Regional stands for.

The Conference is also a unique opportunity to be in touch with the best of the best in regional broadcasting in Europe - the Prix CIRCOM, with the winners of all categories available for inspirational conversations. And we will also know the outcome of our coproductions and of our MoJo training.

CIRCOM Regional would like to congratulate RTP, the Public Service Broadcaster of Portugal, for its 60th anniversary and to thank it for hosting the 35th Annual Conference. This is the third time that our hospitable RTP colleagues and friends are welcoming us for the conference. The first time was in Ofir in 1989, the second in Porto in the year 2001. This time, in Ponta Delgada, it is our pleasure to confirm how important RTP Açores is for cohesion among the nine islands and for the regional identity in relation to the mainland.

We are delighted to be with you!


Jose Lopes de Araújo, the director of Public, International Affairs and archive of RTP

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