maribor-majorDear delegates of the 26th CIRCOM Regional Annual Conference,

Welcome to Maribor, the capital of Slovene Styria (Štajerska) and the second largest city in Slovenia. With its diverse and quality offers surrender to the best that one of the key tourist destinations in Slovenia has to offer!

The rich wine tradition, the oldest vine in the world, the throb of the city with its flourishing cultural history, its location amidst wine growing hills and green Pohorje mountain, as well as various possibilities for exploring, recreation, relaxation, entertainment and meetings, will convince you that Maribor has a heart and soul and that people of Maribor are excellent hosts!

The old town core promises unforgettable adventure: walk along the river Drava embankment and through the lively streets and squares, where history and tradition blend with dynamics and modernity. Let Lent, the oldest part of the town, enchant you with its Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, with medieval towers and remains of the old town walls, and moreover the square Grajski trg with the Castle and Museum, the square Glavni trg with the Plague monument and the Town hall, Bishop Slomšek's Cathedral with its viewing tower, the Jewish synagogue, just to mention a few!

maribor-grbThe city streets lead to one of the most beautiful city parks in Slovenia. Climb up Piramida and Kalvarija, town wine hills with their wonderful views of the city. And go down in the wine underworld, into one of the oldest and biggest wine cellars in Europe. At all events take trip with a traditional raft on the river Drava, as this exciting adventure offers a charming view of Lent. During the year you could be caught up in the swirl of events, from Festival Lent, the Old Vine Festival, Musical September, the theatre festival Borštnikova srečanje to the Golden Fox and numerous other happenings, which enliven Maribor's everyday life.

The town core itself places Maribor among the European towns, which are identified by their unique, traditional and quality offers. Now we are waiting for the final decision of the European Commission to promote city of Maribor as European Capital of Culture in 2012. With the University, National Opera, Ballet and Theatre house, with Philharmonic Orchestra, world known choir Carmina Slovenica, Regional Museum and Museum of Modern History and Art Gallery, Maribor developed wide network of cultural cooperation between neighbouring regional centres in North-Eastern Slovenia. We are also proud of 20 years of cooperation with Graz in Austria, the former European Capital of Culture in 2003.

In some way Maribor is also the city of mass media. Almost 10 radio stations and 3 television stations are covering events and everyday life in our city. We particularly appreciate contribution of public television and radio, their continuous and intensive development according to needs of our city and region. 62 years of public radio and 40 years of public television are forming respectable age of media service to the citizens and community.

Once again, welcome to Maribor. We are honoured to be your hosts!