Plenary Sessions (Ballroom)

  • 09:30 The 2020 Cision: The day of Answers and Ideas
    Welcome to the second day of the conference, in which we find out how regional public service broadcasting is well-placed to grasp the opportunities of the new decade of decisions.
    David Lowen, media consultant and former President of CIRCOM Regional


  • session1109:35 Regional TV in the new European Audiovisual panorama
    As competition for viewers becomes fiercer, what evidence exists, if any, for who watches what, when and why in Europe? What regional channels are available and by what means of viewing? What do we know about regional programme watching and the market share of regional channels and about the programming range available?
    Chair: Zoran Medved, RTV Slo Maribor, 
    Deirdre Kevin, European Audiovisual Observatory presentation pdf n




  • session1210:00 The 2020 Answer: A competitive schedule with attractive content
    Linear TV may be challenged but it is a long way from being dead. It is still capable of delivering “event TV” and a valuable service to citizens. Given the evidence from the EAO in the previous session, how can regional public service channels schedule programmes to maximum benefit?
    Chair: Zoran Medved, RTV Slo Maribor,
    John Ranelagh, TV2 Norway,
    Jean-Marc Dubois, FTV presentationpdf n
    Michel Gregoire, European Association of Television and Radio Sales presentationpdf n 
    Deirdre Kevin, European Audiovisual Observatory

11:00 Coffee break

  • session1311:15 The 2020 answer: Small stations, big ideas
    Ideas are not the privilege of the rich and large. Anyone can have them and some station, because they are small must have them. They do not have consultants lining up to help – even if they could afford them. They may be a long way from headquarters. It is time for Do It Yourself TV – and these are just the ideas which could help your station too.
    Chair: Jean-Marie Belin, FTV,
    Jean-Jacques Torre, FTV Corse,
    Dr Natalino Fenech, PBS Malta presentationpdf n
    Maria Georgiadou, CyBC presentationpdf n



  • session1512:15 The 2020 Answer: A new news for a new decade
    There has been criticism of the way news reports and analysis failed to explain the recession so viewers could understand its intensity; a scandal over evidence for climate change; and there are continuing dangers following the Danish cartoons which some Moslems claimed insulted Islam. In a more diffuse Information Society, how should regional public service broadcasters attack these journalistic issues?
    Chair: Christine Agren, SVT,
    Maarten Edelenbosch, RTVNH  presentationpdf n
    Dr John Avellino, Adviser PBS and Malta Government
    Tony O’Shaughnessy, BBC Wales

13:15 Lunch Break, with TV Dating at the restaurant lunch tables

  • 14:30 The 2020 Answer: Future TV and social networks
    Who is to say that the rapidly changing technology of the media will not be to the comparative advantage of regional public service stations, especially when a regional broadcaster is so close to its audience? What we need is guidance from those regional broadcasters who have understood the changes needed – and made it work to their benefit. Norway and NRK have an answer they can share.
    Chair: Gerard Schuiteman, Roos RTV and
    Marius Arnesen, NRK Beta
  • 15:00 The 2020 Answer: Social networking works
    Regional public service stations share the same market place as their viewers and a station’s reporters live amongst the viewers they serve. It is this closeness that can be exploited by the 21st century phenomenon of social networking. So who is successful at it and, more importantly, how can our stations exploit it fully?
    Chair: Gerard Schuiteman, Roos RTV,
    David Wood, EBU,
    Richard Gutjahr, BRF presentationpdf n
    Katharina Borchert, Spiegel-online and
    Marius Arnesen, NRK Beta

16:00 Coffee break

  • 16:15 The 2020 Answer: Explore and exploit your archives
    Regional television stations often store the region’s video history but, as guardians, they do not always know what they have and, as communicators, they do not know either how to make it available to their citizen viewers or exploit it commercially. This session should give you some useful ideas.
    Chair: Tone Kunst, NRK,
    Maire ni Chonlain, TG4 Ireland,
    David Wood, EBU and
    Nick Simons, BBC Online Strategy presentation pdf n
  • 17:15 Are there some 2020 Answers?
    At the end of the day, are you more encouraged that the future of regional public service broadcasting may be in our own hands? What do today’s panellist think our future holds?
    Chair: David Lowen, media consultant and former President of CIRCOM Regional,
    Johan Linden, SVT
    John Ranelagh, TV2 Norway and
    Jean-Marc Dubois, FTV

17:45 Close of the day of Answers and Ideas


The Ideas Bazaar (Provence room)

ideasbazaar14:30 The 2020 Answer: The Ideas Bazaar
This is the session to bring forward all your station’s bright ideas to make life better for your workforce, for your viewers and for your survival. The session will be as good as the ideas and suggestions you bring to it. Who knows what you may hear or how it may be changed and tweaked to benefit your station back home.
Give it a go!
Chair: Johan Linden, SVT
Includes Knut Andersen, Medialabs and TV2 Norway with their one-man news studio link_cubes_greypresentationpdf n
Lotta Orstadius, SVT Smålandsnytt link_cubes_greypresentationpdf n


Meet the Winners (Castille room)

  • 09:30 Introduction To The Prix CIRCOM
    Introduction by Grethe Haaland, NRK Oslo, Judge.
  • 09:35 Video Journalism
    Chair: Nick Simons, BBC
  • 10:15 Magazine
    Chair: Nick Simons, BBC
  • 11:00 Grand Prix
    Chair: David Lowen
  • 11:45 Documentary
    Chair: Dieuwke Kroese, TV Omroep Fryslan
  • 12:45 Sports
    Chair: Nick Simons, BBC

13:15 Lunch break, with TV Dating at the restaurant lunch tables

  • 14:30pm Most original
    Chair: Boris Bergant, RTVSlo Slovenia
  • 15:15 Drama/fiction
    Chair: Maire ni Chonlain, TG4 Ireland
  • 16:00 Vivre l’Europe
    Chair: Tony O’Shaughnessy, BBC (on behalf of Jean-Christian Spenle, FTV Bordeaux)

16:45 Session ends and move to Plenary Ballroom