The new call of proposal of the European Parliament was just released a few days ago:

As partner CIRCOM has the opportunity to submit an application before the 30/09/2013.

CIRCOM was granted in 2013 by the European Parliament for its project “CITIZENSHIP PROJECT”. It was pointed out that with this project, CIRCOM is again able to have a real, concrete television project in a large scale, involving CIRCOM members from various parts of Europe, thanks to CIRCOM General Secretary, Johan Linden, thanks also to Alexandre Pletser who is the perfect manager for this kind of collaboration and project.

The editorial work of the CITIZENSHIP PROJECT allows the participants to discuss this kind of project: its aim and limits, the themes that can be developed, the organisation, and the exchange of the material. The proposal that CIRCOM can do for the next call of European Parliament, in a so short time, would be on the basis of the renewal of the on-going “CITIZENSHIP PROJECT”, in the same conditions but with a special focus on the Election of May 2014. CIRCOM will also propose several evolution regarding the on-going CITIZENSHIP PROJECT, based on the result of the Workshop Election Coverage held in Strasbourg, Brussels and Santiago during the season 2012/2013.

The general aim will be to produce reports on several themes; reports, not features or interviews.
What kind of report: story with real people living in real situations and facing real problems. The general theme of this new action will be the “European citizenship & European Election Process” with a special focus on the Election of May 2014. To produce a report on European citizenship means to produce a report of the real rights and duties of European citizens in real situations, even in the framework of an European Election process.

Put together those reports on a same theme give the possibility of a cross view around Europe that means also building a European public sphere. To achieve this, the best way is that every producing channel fit to the same calendar, so that every channel has the possibility to broadcast its own production as well as the reports produced by the others, in existing programs or in new programs. Of course, the reports have to respect the main rules of public journalism: impartiality and respect of the pluralism. No incitement to hate or racism and exclusion.

During the process of the action, the participants will make together a list of themes that could be developed during 8 month (from May 2014 to December 2014) and will determine together a production calendar of the reports.

Some of the seven active participating members of the on-going CITIZENSHIP PROJECT which are RTBF, FRANCE TELEVISIONS, RAI, TVP, TVR, TVSlo and HRT, already show interest in this proposal. The present call of interest is published on the CIRCOM website to raise the interest of new participating members among the CIRCOM members in the EU member states. The number of themes and items commissioned to the active members will depend on the interested members willing to join the actions.

The members who are interested to join the action should contact Alexandre Pletser before Monday, September 16th.

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