CIRCOM is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the CIRCOM Regional New Formats For Storytelling workshop to be held in Novi Sad, Serbia, May 26th to 29th 2019. The workshop is followed by 2 days attendance at the CIRCOM annual conference in Novi Sad.

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Workshop overview

As television stations are transforming into multi-outlets media organizations, this training is designed to help journalists to change their mindset about their coverage of the news and get out of their TV-only news production habits. The delegates will be shown innovative examples, be taught verification and best storytelling techniques in new formats.

The new formats will be produced using a variety of tools, including their mobile phone, desktop computer and online tools to produce a variety of items on and around the same story; think data visualization, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Explanatory videos and much more.

On the last day of the training, the delegates will work as a temporary newsroom, covering actual events in the host city. Some of them will play the roles of editors who will be in charge of designing the news coverage and follow its production. The journalists will cover the story in a variety of newly learned formats.

12 delegates, one per member station max.

The training was designed and will be conducted by a media professional who has created and implemented new formats, as well as a training expert - Guillaume Kuster (CIRCOM Regional and Tarkka Media), Hans Jessen (former CIRCOM and ARD trainer), Johannes Kardell (SVT), Kulwant Sohal (BBC) and Wytse Vellinga (Omrop Fryslân).


• Learn about what new formats are being used in the media
• Understand social media distribution strategies and how they (wildly) differ from TVs
• Learn to use tools such as smartphones to shoot and edit social video
• Adapt your content to the outlet you’re publishing to
• Prototype and create new formats
• Participate in a news production operation in training with the delegates from the editors group
• Debrief and feedback on what was learned

By the end of the workshop it is expected that delegates will have produced together an array of stories in different formats and on different platforms to reach new audiences.

Workshop details

The workshop will begin at 09.30 on Sunday 26th May and end at 17.00 on Wednesday 29th May. Detailed workshop schedule >>>

CIRCOM Regional provides the training free of charge for delegates from member stations and will also provide accommodation (including breakfast) for 6 nights maximum from Saturday 19th May (check-in) to Friday 31st May (check out), as well as lunches during the training at the:

Futoska 109, Novi Sad, Serbia

Delegates will pay for their dinners during the training (25th – 29th), except for a welcome dinner planned on Sunday 26th at the kind invitation of CIRCOM Regional. On Thursday evening, dinner will be offered by our hosts on the occasion of the Prix CIRCOM gala.

Upon completion of the workshop on Wednesday 29th May delegates will be registered as delegates for the CIRCOM Annual Conference taking place in Novi Sad where they will be able to attend the most interesting sessions and debates concerning regional television in Europe. On Friday before the closing ceremony, the trainers and the trainees will be invited on stage (approx. from 12:00 to 12:30) to showcase their work and obtain their certificates.
After the showcase, delegates are free to return back home or they can to take part in the Tour organized by our host on Friday afternoon and stay for an extra night (at their own costs).

Travel costs are your own responsibility and NOT paid by CIRCOM Regional. Suggested travel dates (May 25th and return May 31st after the conference). In case of prolongation of stay (Saturday, June 1st), delegates will have to pay the extra day(s) accommodation and make their own reservation.

It is important that applications are received from journalists and stations who feel challenged by the transformation of the media landscape. The training will be conducted in English and it is important that applicants have a good working knowledge of the language.

Because the workshop is of an intense nature, and requires a great deal of commitment from trainers and participants alike, priority will be given to those people, who show a good degree of commitment to working with new formats. As many (but not all) of these new formats can be produced with mobile phones, it is recommended that participants bring their own smartphones, preferably iPhone 6 or later, Samsung S7 or later, LG v20 or later… with at least 5GB of free storage). Although we do not wish to endorse one product against another, we highly recommend that participants arrive with an Apple iPhone. There are very good reasons for this and the main one being that the iPhone is way ahead in the support provided through specifically developed hardware and software. Additionally, delegates should bring a laptop computer with video editing software installed (Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Avid NewsCutter or equivalent).

IMPORTANT: Delegates are required to send by 3rd May links (preferably a good quality file through Wetransfer or direct link to your station's web outlet if there are no geo-blocking measures in place) to the following:
- A TV report or social video they or a colleague authored that they are proud about
- A TV report or social video they or a colleague authored that they think was NOT that good (or frankly bad)
- Please send your links to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Application for the workshop

Selection of all applicants will be at the discretion of CIRCOM, but every effort will be made to ensure that there will be as many members represented as possible on the workshop.

Only complete the application form below if you have read and understood the above information and have also received the approval of your line manager and CIRCOM National Co-ordinator.

We are anticipating that this innovative workshop, providing for the future development in news gathering options, will prove to be a popular one for our members’ news departments.

Once we have received 12 applications from different member stations, the application process will close, no later than April 12th. This will allow successful applicants to make their travel arrangements sooner rather than later and take advantage of cheaper travel costs.

It is highly recommended that you make your application as soon as possible.

Please use the online application form for registration

N.B.: All applicants must have personal insurance cover for the public liability, accident, sickness and loss of property.
All travel costs to be paid by applicant’s member station.