38th Annual Conference: Creative Regions – Creative Economy

Dear colleagues,

Due to coronavirus crisis we all face, in agreement with the host TG4 and approved by association's European Board, CIRCOM Regional Annual Conference that was scheduled on 28 and 29 May in Galway, Ireland is re-scheduled to run later in 2021
We apologize for any inconvenience that this postponement may cause to you. 

Fernando Ojea
Secretary General of CIRCOM Regional


Our 38th Annual Conference of CIRCOM Regional will be hosted by TG4, national television channel, broadcasting in Irish.

The theme of the Conference is Creative Regions – Creative Economy. We will explore the role regional public service broadcasters can play in influencing the cultural and economic vibrancy in the region. The conference will also centre around the value of Public Service Broadcasting and its role in promoting the diversity of culture and how we can promote better region-to-region cooperation between media in Europe.

Key conference topics include:

  • Creative Regions/Creative Economies
  • Curation of News & News Consumption in Digital World
  • Trust in Public Service News Journalism
  • Local news & Regional Voices
  • How Young People Consume News
  • The value of Public Service Media

Galway is the European Capital of Culture in 2020 



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