National Co-ordinator Giorgi Gachechiladze
General producer of GPB

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Giorgi Gachechiladze

tel: +995 5771 71702

Georgian Public broadcaster - GPB

Georgian Public Broadcasting was created in December 2004 out of the former State TV and Radio Broadcasting of Georgia, with its first radio broadcast in 1925 and TV launched in 1953. 

Nowadays Georgian Public Broadcaster incorporates three TV channels:  Channel 1 –  24 hour general content broadcast in Georgian language (; Channel 2 - parliamentary channel (; Kanal Pik - Russian-language TV channel operating since 2010 ( and two radio channels: Radio One FM 102.4 (; Radio Two FM 100.9  ( operating since 1995.
GPB stands for independence, impartiality and honesty as its core values and aspires to creating high quality free television and radio programs to be accessible to wider society as well as promoting Georgia on international level as a country of diverse cultural heritage and backgrounds.
Along with its rich TV and radio content GPB is famous by its prolific audio and video archive depicting the past and present of national history and science with the first audio records dated back to 1901. The archive brings together the types with great people of 20th century as well as remarkable events of political, cultural, scientific and social life of our days.


Contact information:

Georgian Public broadcaster
68 M.Kostava Street, 0171, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel/Fax: +995 32 409 115 / +995 32 409 221
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