The sixth in a series of high-end one-day fora relevant to senior managers in our industry was held on 23rd November 2018 in Porto, Portugal.
The theme of the forum, hosted by RTP Porto, was How To Do More (or Equal) With Less Money.


09:30 - 11:00
Opening – welcome address of Isabel Correia, RTP Porto Director, Jyri Kataya-Rakho, President CIRCOM Regional and Fernando R. Ojea, Secretary General.
Danish example with DR, presented by Mr. Peder Meisner: Drastic reduction of DR’s budget and how they have dealt with it.
Exchange of ideas

11:15 - 12:15
Irish example presented by Alan Esslemont, Director General of TG4: How TG4 dealt with significant reduction of the budget (employees, travel, overheads, working closely with universities, etc...)
Exchange of ideas

13:30 – 15:30
Swedish example with SVT (regions) presented by Christina Ågren, Head of SVT Local and Minority News and Programming:
In the context of a constrained budget: How to make better use of ones resources and the technical development to optimize the transformation and maximise the output to the audience in the regions.
Exchange of ideas

Spanish example from CRTVG (Galicia) and RTPA (Asturias) presented by Fernando Ojea: How to manage less funding under medium or high pressure in the South of Europe
Exchange of ideas

15:45 - 17:00
Round-up discussion
What are the lessons drawn from today discussions?
Exchange of concrete experiences: each participant will explain one or several experiences they went through and how they succeeded or failed, about budget or cost reduction, new contents, HR questions, technical problems, political… with a regional perspective of course.

17:00 End of the meeting