2018 forta conf 2

The Secretary General of CIRCOM, Fernando R. Ojea, spoke at a Conference organized by FORTA, the Spanish network of regional broadcasters. He underlined the unique position of CIRCOM across Europe as a platform for content sharing and professional cooperation.

"CIRCOM is a platform based on knowledge sharing whose main priorities are strong regional journalism, support to cultural life and contribution to regional growth”, pointed out Fernando R. Ojea.

At the event FORTA and the European Parliament signed Memorandum of Understanding. It is aimed to facilitate the access of Spanish citizens to information and discussions around the 2019 European Elections. 

2018 forta conf 3The Memorandum was signed by the CIRCOM National Coordinator for Spain Antonio Virgili, who is also the current President of FORTA, and the Director General of Communications of the European Parliament, Jaume Duch.

The Conference was at the premises of the European Commission in Madrid.
It was attended by the Director General of European Commission DG Comm Mikel Landabaso and all the directors of the Spanish regional public service media.