nl media event 33027th – 28th March 2019
Zeist, The Netherlands

At NL Media Event  two trainings are offered for CIRCOM members.
On Wednesday 27th all the participants can follow the inspiring sessions of Yusuf Omar on How to be successful on social media.
On the second day Thursday 28th participants can choose between a follow up of Yusuf Omar's session or a Data bootcamp on European news.  
The conference will be held at Hotel Theater Figi, Het Rond 2 in Zeist, the Netherlands.


Wednesday 27th March 2019
All sessions led by Yusuf Omar

10.00 - 11.00
Key factors for success on social media
Shareable, factual, unique and constructive, these are 4 key factors for success on social media according to Yusuf Omar. Social media technologies are aligning for a perfect storytelling storm that could either make or break established media houses. At the intersection of mobile journalism, virtual reality and live video, Yusuf will explore the trends shaping the future of stories.

11.00 - 13.00
Experience Social Discovery: Finding stories before they go viral
This workshop will be about: Social video trends; Principles of producing video for social platforms; Story ideation- Constructive journalism and solutions storytelling; Building mobile communities- sourcing original content; Video curation and aggregation; Verification and fact checking.
If you want to participate please bring your smartphone, headphones and charger.

14.00 - 15.30
Social Publishing: Facebook Live, Snapchat and Instagram Stories formats and short form explainer videos.
Yusuf Omar explains: The Decision Tree - Identify optimal digital story formats and platforms; Live Streaming - Top 10 tips exercise and global best practices; Facebook Explainer Videos - Repurposing sourced footage/stills into short videos with text and music; Instagram/Snapchat Stories - Strategies, growth hacks and global examples.
The equipment you need: smartphone, headphones and charger.

15.30 - 17.00
Engage: How to make stories go viral
During this session Yusuf Omar will tell more about: Content Strategies - Platform-thinking approaches; Metrics- Defining and measuring success; Deconstructing platforms - Facebook vs. YouTube; YouTube Creators Playbook summary; Hub, hero and hygiene content strategies and Facebook’s Video Algorithm.
The equipment you need: smartphone, headphones and charger

Thursday 28th March 2019
Participants can choose between Key factors for success on social media or Data bootcamp on European news sessions.

10.00 - 17.00: Data bootcamp: How to Make Europe Relevant for Regions
Which regional effects are there in Europe of climate change? What have been effects of extreme weather? Which regions benefit from European funds?
These are examples of questions that journalists from regional broadcasters and European colleagues can turn to and can search for data under the direction of data journalism teacher Luuk Sengers, University of Leuven. The aim of the bootcamp is to find European news that are relevant to the public in the region. The data bootcamp is a hands-on workshop, a well prepared case study, produced by Verspers and organized at NL Media Event. Participating journalists will be guided to a EU dataset of Open data on one of the topics, in the morning. Subsequently, they can analyse the data for their own and after that they are guided in how to structure this data and make it operable as basic source material for stories in future broadcasts.
The data bootcamp is hands-on with theoretical segments. Participating journalists receive a Google drive folder and a Trello-board invitation up front. They need to login to these toolboxes, which we will share a week before the start of bootcamp. Other than good journalistic skills, special knowledge or technical skills are not required. The equipment needed is a laptop.
You can read more about the workshop and the producer in this interview with Geesje van Haren (founder of VersPers).


10.00 - 17.00: Social Discovery, Social Publishing and Social Engagement
This session is a follow up of the sessions Yusuf Omar gave the first day.
Participants will have hands-on experience on how to storyboard, script, shoot, edit and produce a highly shareable one-minute video.
The session focuses on new Mobile Journalism technologies, how to empower communicators with mobile-first workflows for highly shareable video formats, how to engage audiences so content travels further and faster, Mobile Journalism workflows and quality control, engagement strategies (influencers, conversations, groups, pages), migrating audiences to websites and other content and more.
The equipment you need: smartphone, headphones and charger.

There is just a few places left for the workshop of Yusuf Omar, still places for the Databootcamp on European News.

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