CIRCOM Regional is deeply concerned with the deteriorating conditions for journalism in Europe. The latest report of the Council of Europe on Media freedom explicitly points out that “Public Service (is) under attack all over Europe”. The study depicts disturbing trends of weakening the independence of Public Service Media (PSM) and curbing quality journalism. Particularly alarming is the usage of violence, including murder in the most awful cases, to prevent journalists from doing their professional duty. Impunity of perpetrators of such acts is discouraging and destructive for journalism, democratic values and society as a whole.

CIRCOM is all for media freedom. In its essence, being an association of professionals in regional Public Service Media, CIRCOM strongly objects any attempt to curb the mission of the PSM through the means pointed out in the Council of Europe report as repressive legislation, deliberate undermining of the independence and sustainability of PSM by reducing resources, enacting new legislation or regulations to reduce Media’s mandate and mission, violence and intimidation and others.

CIRCOM Regional is in favour of strong regional journalism and encourages regional PSM to examine, explain and question decision makers, as well as to facilitate debate and democratic participation. CIRCOM Association is committed to editorial independence, impartiality and the public purpose of regional Public Service Media.