16-18th October 2019
European Youth Centre, Zivatar utca 1-3, Budapest, Hungary

Trainers: Mia Costello and Linda Hermansson

15 journalists gathered at the EYC in Budapest for the 3-day interactive training programme designed for those in editorial positions who are facing organisational change.
It’s designed to give space to leaders to consider how the way they lead affects those around them and to give them practical tools to help them get the best from their teams as they go through change.

The group was made up of very experienced editors, with over 300 years’ experience between them. But it became clear early on that the move from traditional TV and radio to embracing digital was the biggest and most serious area of concern for everyone attending.

The programme focused on the three main themes:

  • Clarity – the need to set clear expectations for your team
  • Effective communication and feedback
  • Empowering your team to take responsibility, creating leaders at every level.

The themes answered the main concerns of the leaders that they often worked without being clear about what was being expected of them or their teams; that there was little if no consistent feedback given in their organisation and that many editors felt like they acted as a ‘bottleneck’ in their newsroom with all the decisions coming through them.

Across the three days, it was good to see editors sharing their experiences, both positive and negative. Many shared vulnerabilities too in a very honest way which meant the group bonded well.
The atmosphere in the group was very supportive and genuine. Good friendships have been made and the feedback shows many of those attending plan to quickly put what they learnt into action on their return base.

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