Europe is slowly getting out of the tightest grip of the coronavirus. We are not in the safe zone yet, however maybe it is time to say "Good morning".

The vista of a new day dawning is the overall feeling of the song "Good Morning", produced by Croatia`s HRT/Croatian Radio and Television in the days after the earthquake hit the capital city. In the morning of March 22 Zagreb was shaken by a strong natural disaster on top of the unfolding COVID-19 crisis.

In the days that followed HRT produced a video to support the people and lift spirits. "Good Morning" is performed by the HRT Choir, Symphony & Jazz Orchestra featuring the famous Croatian singer Tony Cetinski.

"Good Morning" premiered on the HRT (HR2/Radio Channel Two - and on HTV1, the TV morning show Good Morning, Croatia) on Monday, April 20.

The musicians of the Choir, the Symphony Orchestra and the Jazz Orchestra of the Croatian Radio and Television recorded the song in collaboration with the chief conductor of the Symphony Orchestra, maestro Enrico Dindo. The chief conductor of the Croatian Radio and Television Choir Tomislav Fačini, who co-authored the song, and maestro Dindo, each from his home, contributed to the recording of the song. The famous Croatian singer Tony Cetinski joined them as a guest. The video includes landscape shots taken by Vesna Batistić Fačini and shots of Zagreb by Marko Pletikosa.

"Good Morning" is produced by:
Music producer - Krešimir Seletković
Sound master - Božidar Pandurić
Editor - Hrvoje Mršić
Director - Tomislav Mršić