Webinar (Zoom)
24 - 26 November 2020
Duration: 3 days - 9:00am to 5:00pm (CEST) / 8:00am to 4:00pm (GMT)

CIRCOM continued to dispense best practices and knowledge despite the pandemic. Transferring their successful in-person training session online, Kulwant Sohal (BBC, UK), Johannes Kardell (SVT, Sweden) and Guillaume Kuster (Tarkka Media, Finland) delivered a 3-day online training session in three different time-zones between 24th and 26th of November. Seven journalists, including social media specialists were trained during the session "Reaching younger audiences with the news".

Goals of the webinar were:
- Learn about new formats used in the media
- Understand social media distribution strategies and how they (wildly) differ from TV's - Learn to use tools such as smartphones to shoot and edit social video
- Adapt your content to the outlet you're publishing to
- Prototype and create new formats

During the session, they learned about adapted storytelling techniques to reach narrow target audiences and dissemination and distribution models, and could immediately take their newly learned knowledge to practice. Even separated by thousands of kilometres, the delegates could work closely together in smaller groups to design and execute new video formats. During this iterative project, and thanks to the help and advice of the trainers, each group could experience how to design and produce a social video, taking extra precautions to ensure that the narrative, format and platform would fit the target audience. As a bonus, the experience of working remotely with colleagues from other stations and nations reinforced, once more, CIRCOM's network.

Example: video designed and edited by Patricia O'Callaghan (RTÉ, Ireland) and Daniele Guido Gessa (RAI, Italy)