t4p awards300ABU/Asian Broadcasting Union and UNESCO launched in March 2021 the first edition of an annual Together for Peace Media Awards (T4P Media Awards) in recognition of the crucial role of media in achieving “positive peace”. The concept of positive peace includes justice, equality and creates culture of equal opportunities for all members of societies.

Our colleagues from RAI were invited to act as a sort of “Ambassador” and spread information on this new award among public service media in Europe. 

Together for Peace Media Awards are to distinguish audio-visual and digital media content, aimed at informing and educating audiences on best practices in building positive peace in three important areas:

• Transformative Education

•  Humanity’s Relationship with Nature, including coping with climate change and biodiversity loss

• Living Well with Diversity, fostering human flourishing and intercultural understanding

T4P Media Awards highlight the crucial role of independent and ethical journalism, combined with Media Information and Literacy and critical thinking of citizens for peace-building and promoting understanding within and between countries.

The application window is 5 April – 5 August 2021. Programmes which have been broadcast for the first time between 5 August 2019 and 5 August 2021 may apply. It is open to all media, so if you are interested, feel free to submit your entries. It is important for public service media to contribute to the spread of essential human values and foster dialogue among different societies and cultures.

The Jury of T4P Media Awards consists of internationally recognized media professionals and practitioners in the field of peace-building. The Judging will be conducted online.

The winners of 2021 T4P Media Awards will be announced during the ABU Prizes Gala Ceremony held in association with the ABU General Assembly in Hanoi, Vietnam on 22 – 27 November 2021.

More detailed information about the Together for Peace Awards can be found here