During the European Board meeting in Wroclaw, Poland, Nov. 30 2003, the election for the President and the members of the Executive Committee will take place.

The election procedure shall be as follows, determined by the Statute:

1) Each candidate must be nominated by a National Coordinator and seconded by two others. National Coordinators may exercise their right either to nominate or to second, but not both, and may do so for only one candidate.
2) Nominations must be submitted in writing to the Secretary General.
3) Each candidate shall provide official approval in writing from his organisation enabling him/her to take the responsibility for tasks allocated by the Executive Committee.

Each member of the EC shall be allocated responsibility for a specific field of activity.
The fields of activity are: Finances, Annual Conference, Training, Coproductions, Prix Circom, EBS, PR & Sponsors.
Therefore you are kindly asked to select two fields in which the applicant’s work will be useful for CR.

In the current EC, the membership expires for four National Coordinators (E. Spanily, P. Couchard, Z. Medved, J. Klein).
There is also the possibility for the extension of the mandate for J. Klein for a year.