The standpoint of the Convent of Marshals of Voivodeships of the Republic of Poland from 7 February 2014 on the development of public media, especially of TVP Regionalna.

Convent of Marshals of Voivodeships of the Republic of Poland in the tradition of systematic co-operation with the public media reiterated its support for activities for their stable and safe development and operations.

The Convent attaches particular importance to the development of regional radio stations and 16 regional branches of Polish Television. Public regional media pursue their mission in “small homelands” and serve to build ties of local and regional identity by developing awareness of their common heritage, traditions and shared ideas, aspirations and achievements.

The Convent of Marshalls of the Republic of Poland appreciates the initiative of the Board of TVP S.A. to launch TVP Regionalna – a twenty-four-hour channel created together by 16 regional branches. This is a landmark event in the process of rebuilding the expected, strong position of regional branches and their programme. The Convent also hopes that the expected stabilization of funding of public media will allow to increase the presence of independent regional channels.

Bearing in mind the current difficult economic situation of Polish Television, the Convent supports its efforts to extend the possibility of applying by Regional Branches of TVP SA for additional funding from the EU funds 2014-2020. The Convention also supports all forms of cooperation in obtaining EU funds aimed at development of programme and technology of regional television.


pdf STANOWISKO KONWENTU MARSZAŁKÓW WOJEWÓDZTW RP z dnia 7 Lutego 2014 r. w sprawie rozwoju mediów publicznych a zwłaszcza TVP Regionalnej