Tibor Nagyistók is Chief Editor of MTVA Hungary’s New Media Department. He was a delegate at CIRCOM Regional's Social Media Workshop at ROOS Dagen 2014 where he delivered a presentation on this topic.

Among the talent shows and live television events in Hungarian commercial media, it is a unique opportunity for public service media to have one of the most prestigious programs on-air.

Once a year we air the Eurovision Song Contest, which is not just a program to win against the competition, but also to "collect younger viewers" to our channel(s) with online and mobile content.

This was the first season when we built a huge promotion and follow-up campaign online, not just to support the television content, but to push the (A Dal 2014) brand on as many platforms as possible. For this we had exclusive online content, for example an online contest for the acoustic versions of the songs and videoblogs mainly recorded by our students and Eurovision Song Contest fans.

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