Europa360 TVRTimisoara335The European Institute in Romania awarded "Europa 360" with the Award of Excellence for promoting the European spirit and values.


"Europa 360" is the Romanian version of the European news magazine developed by CIRCOM Regional in the framework of the CITIZENSHIP PROJECT, coproduced by TVR, RTBF (Belgium), France 3, RAI (italy), HRT (Croatia), TVP (Poland), TVSlo (Slovenia) and BNT (Bulgaria, co- financed by the European Parliament.

In Romania the program is broadcasted weekly nationwide by TVR2 and TVR HD and regionally by TVR Timisoara and TVR Iasi.
The awarding ceremony will take place in Bucharest on Dec 11th, during the Annual Conference of the Institute, in the presence of the European Ambassadors in Romania and led by Leonard Orban (president of the Institute and former European Commisioner for Multilingvism and Diversity)

Within the CITIZENSHIPO PROJECT, in addition to the 200 stories available on the exchange platform, CIRCOM Regional developed a common layout for the specific programme created by participating members in order to broadcast all the available items. The idea and concept of this common layout was developed first during the 2012/2013 1st “Election Coverage workshop” organized by CIRCOM Regional and the European Parliament. The result was presented in May 2013 in Santiago de Compostela: an animated storyboard including augmented reality.

On these bases, RTBF produced professional CGI and credits that are used for the RTBF’s programme “EuropeS “. RTBF produced also 3 other linguistic versions for the participating channels to be broadcast on the related channels:
eu360 4
3 of them are already used in RTBF, TVR and HRT’s specific programmes.