CIRCOM Regional expresses its support to the recovery of a regional public service broadcaster in Valencia (Spain)

The Parliament of the Community of Valencia (Spain) started the works aiming to produce the legal framework for the recovery of a public service broadcaster in the region, after the regional Government in 2013 shut down Radio Television Valenciana (RTVV), the public service broadcaster that had been working since 1989, serving the population of 5 million in a regional language.

On February 16th, 2016 CIRCOM Regional Secretary General elect Fernando Ojea, in the hearing before the members of the regional Parliament of the Community of Valencia, expressed CIRCOM’s support for that recovery and offered the Association’s expertise on that purpose if required.

Ojea described the way the Association stands for the cultural and language diversity of Europe and lets its members develop projects for training, coproductions and sharing knowledge, showing that there is a regional approach to the public service media across Europe. He said that CIRCOM is now working on getting the higher institutional recognition for the regional broadcasters. Ojea reminded that CIRCOM Regional reacted on the closure of the RTVV with a statement of regret and the claim to look for sustainable ways in keeping the public audiovisual service available for the citizens of the Community of Valencia.