21st - 24th February 2017, BBC Academy, Bristol, UK

Train the Trainers workshop will be held at the BBC Academy in Bristol from 21st – 24th February 2017.
The workshop is now full!

This interactive 4-day workshop is designed for anyone wanting to develop his or her confidence and skills as a trainer.
By the end of the training, the delegates will be able to:

• Manage small groups effectively
• Recognise the strengths and weaknesses of different ‘learning styles’
• Deliver your training sessions in a variety of different ways
• Deliver effective one-to-one coaching
• Plan and deliver a training course of your own design

The workshop will be led by Mia Costello, a freelance editorial trainer who regularly works with the BBC Academy as well as other broadcasters around the world. She has led a number of Circom workshops over recent years. She’ll be joined by Carla Verhagen, a senior editor from regional TV in the Netherlands.

The training is provided by CIRCOM free of charge for employees of its member stations. All other costs must be paid for by the applicants or their station. CIRCOM will make the hotel reservations for all the delegates and will advise them in due course of the location and the cost of the hotel. Delegates should arrive in Bristol on Monday 20th February and can depart at lunchtime on Friday 24th February. Please note it is important that delegates do not depart before this time.

Course Outline

Day 1
Establishing a safe learning environment
Understanding different learning styles and the Learning Styles Questionnaire
Different techniques for delivering training
First impressions and body language
Your brief for Thursday’s training exercise
Preparation time

Day 2
Coaching skills for trainers
Giving feedback as a trainer
Preparation time for Thursday’s training exercise

Day 3
25 minute training session delivered by each participant

Day 4
Reflections on what’s been learnt
Learning Outcomes and how to decide them
Your next steps
Awarding of certificates
End by 12.30-1300hrs