Lagoa, Azores, Portugal
19th - 27th May 2017

The workshop, designed for journalists, gave participants an opportunity to learn the techniques and workflow when using a mobile phone. By the end of the workshop, participants produced a story useful for transmission on TV, radio and on-line services - watch the stories:

The main objectives of the workshop were:
- To give participants training to a level where they are competent in the use of smart phones for filming, recording audio, file transfer and live transmissions.
- To give participants experience in using a laptop and/or ipad editing software to make a news package.
- To learn how to develop story ideas within the limitations of an iphone.
- To get to know the hardware, software and apps that are available to them and how to use them creatively.
- To understand the workflow in order to avoid mistakes.
- To give participants the necessary skills and confidence to work with a smart phone when appropriate.

Trainers: the workshop was led by Guillaume Kuster (France) together with Darko Flajpan (Croatia), John-Inge Johansen (Norway), Witse Vellinga (The Netherlands) and Randi Gitz (Sweden).

Workshop run for 5 days - from May 20th to May 24th 2017 - and was followed by 2 days attendance at the CIRCOM annual conference in Ponta Delgada