David Lowen is stepping down as Prix CIRCOM President and Chair of the Jury after more than 20 years at the helm of the competition. It is difficult to imagine the Prix CIRCOM without the enormous contribution David has made to the flagship activity of the CR family. He has been the driving force, taking care of each and every aspect of the competition cycle, keeping it in line with the up-to-date media developments and responding to the dynamics of regional television media in Europe.      

And – yes, David Lowen steered the Prix CIRCOM through the high seas of the COVID pandemic. He secured the usual number of entries, effective judging and led it (not without a sense of humour:) to the most exciting part – announcement of the best achievements, Prix winners and commended, be it the Gala in presence or a joyous online session.

We do express huge thanks to David Lowen for his extraordinary work for so many years, making Prix CIRCOM the prestigious awards that they are now.

David Lowen250x250David Lowen said:
”It has been honour to have led the Prix. It is a delight every year to share time and professional discussion with the judges. They have become friends as well as colleagues.
It is a pleasure to see every year how talented creatives come up with new ideas and new ways of exploiting changing media technology.
I will especially miss working so closely with the back-room team who are the core of the Prix.
I will be alongside Carlo throughout his first year and help in any way I can to maintain the success and prestige of the Prix. I also look forward to meeting and applauding the winners and commended of the Covid years.”

The 2021 Prix CIRCOM edition is the last for David Lowen. He is passing the baton to Carlo de Blasio of RAI.

David Lowen will continue contributing to CIRCOM Regional as Individual Member.

We do welcome Carlo de Blasio as the new Prix CIRCOM President and Chair of the  Jury. Currently Deputy Editor of RAI TGR (the Italian public service Regional Newsroom) Carlo is a prolific journalist with long standing experience in electronic media – television, radio and digital, working for RAI. He was also working for the BBC and Bloomberg in London. In the early 2000s Carlo de Blasio was a correspondent in the USA covering the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and the war in Afghanistan. Also, he established himself as the editor and manager with comprehensive knowledge of media practice and trends. We all remember his emotional and involving session on the news verification in regional journalism during the 2019 Annual Conference in Novi Sad.

Carlo de Blasio250Carlo de Blasio said:
“It is a privilege and an honour being asked to follow along David’s footsteps. And I’m lucky enough to be able to count on his indispensable help and support over the next months. I will do my best. My special thanks to Fernando Ojea and CIRCOM for such an opportunity. I’m really grateful and happy”.    

Carlo has been working closely with David Lowen throughout the 2021 Prix CIRCOM edition to ensure a smooth taking over. We are very much looking forward to working with him as the new Prix CIRCOM President!