4th October 2019
c. de la TV3, s/n 
08970 Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona

The Best Formats To Connect With New Audiences workshop, hosted by CCMA - Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, is aimed at programme makers, commissioners, content managers and experts in TV and digital formats, not only in the field of entertainment but also current affairs.

The sessions of the Barcelona workshop will lead us to think about the new ways of making media content to connect with the changing habits of our societies and the new ways of consuming audiovisual content.

The cases that we will present and the debate between all of us are expected to bring back to our stations inspiring ideas on new media formats that can direct us to the future and to success.


Draft workshop programme

09:30 Introduction speech

09:45 New trends in television programs

- Presentation by Miquel Garcia and Manel Raya. A review of the most innovative proposals of TV channels, the most transgressive formats, the most successful, the brightest ideas... sometimes most crazy! In short, trends in public and private television around the world.
- Discussion

11:10 Coffee break

11:40 Factual and Satirical contents to bring the news and currents affairs to the audience in a different way

- Presentation by Francesc Escribano, director of “Minoria absoluta” and former director of TV3. The cases of “Polònia” and “Està passant”
- Discussion

12:55 Lunch – Buffet – CCMA and short visit of the CCMA studios

14:30 New devices, new audiences, new formats

- Presentation by Geni de Vilar. Producing new content for emerging audiences: the challenge.
- Discussion

15:55 Coffee break

16:15 End of the workshop