27th March 2020
France Télévisions, Paris, France

How to tell the news without being boring? Do journalists have to act as comedians in order to be heard by younger audiences? What about their credibility?

CIRCOM will attempt to answer theses questions with the help of two award winner experts in the field:

  • Vilde Bratland Erikstad, NRK (Norway), winner of Grand Prix CIRCOM 2018 with her programme "Stortvildet"
  • Jonathan Gibson, BBC (UK), commended in the category "Most Original", Prix CIRCOM 2018 with his programme "Craigslist crimes".

Both are successful journalists who achieved the difficult task to keep the audiences' interest in topics like politics or current affairs by way of creating innovative formats.
They will showcase their work to delegates and share their approach. The trainees will be then tasked with the writing of a new innovative format that will be debriefed by the trainers.


Provisional programme


Case studies - in turns, Vilde and Jonathan, each section structured as following:

  • Showcase of examples provided by trainers of their own work (subs in English)
  • Presentations about the design, production and follow-up processes
  • Q&A


  • Brainstorming/Feedback "What is preventing you from innovating?"
  • Ideation
    - Prototype a new format with a message and a target audience (split delegates in 3/4 groups)
    - What's your message/mission?
         Who's your target audience?
         What's your platform(s)?
         What people/skills do you need for production? (and do you have them currently in house?)
         What would be your production needs?
  • Report on group work in plenary and feedback by the trainers


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