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BNT, the Bulgarian public service broadcaster, has proposed that the judging of the Prix CIRCOM should be in the mountain resort of Pamporovo, where BNT has a special training facility

The offer has been welcomed by CIRCOM and David Lowen, President of the Prix, will now discuss details of the venue and the timetable with BNT before reporting to the Executive Committee and Board of CIRCOM and subsequent confirmation.

The Prix CIRCOM is the pre-eminent competition for regional broadcasters and is a showcase for PSB stations around Europe.

For BNT, Director General Mrs Vyara Ankova said: “Bulgarian National Television is delighted to host the judging of the Prix CIRCOM in the Creative Centre in the beautiful Bulgarian mountain resort of Pamporovo, which is well equipped for training sessions and seminars. BNT is planning to increase its participation in all future CIRCOM activities because they have proved to be very helpful and inspiring for the participants during the past years”.

For CIRCOM, David Lowen said: “This is excellent news for CIRCOM and BNT and I look forward to visiting the proposed venue when it re-opens in December. We will do all we can to make this an event of high profile for BNT.

We have been delighted to see how the programme entries from BNT in the Prix have been increasing in number and improving in quality. In May, Rosen Tsvetkov won The Rising Star Award, sponsored by TVR, and Yellow Dog won the Fiction/Drama Award, sponsored by TG4 Ireland.

Fourteen judges from CIRCOM member stations attend the judging, which lasts four days. The judges view between 150-200 programme entries selecting the category winners and the Grand Prix, sponsored by SES.

This year the judging was hosted by France 3 near Strasbourg, Alsace. This year’s categories, which are under review for 2014, were Documentary (sponsored by the Dutch Cultural Media Fund), News Magazine (euronews), Investigative Journalism (Council of Europe), Social Interaction (SVT), Minorities in Society (France 3), Sport (ERT3), Video Journalism (BBC), Most Original (RTVSlo), as well as Rising Star and Fiction/Drama.