Dippy Chaudhary is the Editor of Inside Out London, here she tells us about the two programmes that have won Prix CIRCOM 2014 awards.

Tell us about your Prix entry?

Our winning entry examined how young Sikh girls were being groomed by gangs of men, many of which were from the Muslim community. It was an issue that Britain's Sikh community wanted to sweep under the carpet so getting girls to talk about it was very challenging. Producer Zack Adesina and reporter Chris Rogers worked tirelessly winning the trust of the community and delivered a strong film. In addition to the challenge of delivering the film we had to tread carefully as historically tensions between the Sikh community and the Muslim community have been strained.

The second award was for our investigation exposing racist estate agents who were willing to discriminate on the grounds of colour when renting out property in London. It was shocking to see racist attitudes in Britain today despite legislation making it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of colour. This was a film delivered in partnerships with the BBC London newsroom and their investigation team headed by Guy Lynn.


Tell us about yourself?

I have been the editor of Inside Out London since it started over ten years ago. We have delivered some excellent journalism that has made impact nationally and internationally. We are a small team and work on small budgets but always endeavour to deliver top quality journalism. And although it's tough it's great fun and I'm always surprised at the fantastic stories my team keep coming up with. I was born in India but have lived in London nearly all my adult life and I love it.


What is next for you?

In the short term getting the next run of Inside Out into good shape and trying to plan how we deliver strong journalism in the face of further cuts.


Tell us one thing you’re putting in your suitcase for Cavtat?

I've never been to Cavtat before and I'm told it's beautiful. So I'm charging up my digital camera and packing it in my bag!