Lise-May Spissøy is the Project Manager and Director of National Knitting Eve at NRK Hordaland, here she tells us about the programme, which won the award in the Most Original category of Prix CIRCOM 2014.

Tell us about your Prix entry?

National Knitting Eve is part of our slow-TV-wave from NRK Hordaland in Bergen. We love to show things in their full length, and knitting was perfect. First, we showed all sides of knitting; history, present, symbolism, techniques, and more. Then we brought in the sheep Guri, sheared her by hand, made yarn out of the wool and knitted a sweater. this took all night and the sweater was finished at 8:30am. Then, and not before, the broadcast was finished too.


Tell us about yourself?

My experience is from newspaper, Radio and TV. I used to be a news reporter and anchor, now I work mostly as project manager and director. I’m very fond of all handmade things - and fishing...and gardening...and mountain walks... but now and then I'll have to work too.


What is next for you?

Sewing TV! Reality series first, then slowTV on the night of finale..


Tell us one thing you’re putting in your suitcase for Cavtat?

My knitting project for the time being, of course.

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