Guy Lynn is a multi award winning investigative reporter who oversees investigations for BBC London TV and the winner of the Prix CIRCOM 2014 Investigative Journalism category.

Tell us about your Prix entry?

We exposed estate agents willing to block black African Caribbean people looking for a home and flouting the most important race relations laws the UK has enacted. In the 1950s and 1960, black renters in London would suffer blatant discrimination and infamous signs saying "No blacks, no dogs allowed" before the UK banned the practices under the seminal Race Relations Act. Our exclusive which involved my going undercover pretending to be a landlord, revealed the largely “under the radar” discriminatory methods that are still being used to perpetuate the racism today. It set the news agenda in the UK and was covered by numerous newspapers and other media around the world. Senior politicians demanded an urgent enquiry and there were spontaneous demonstrations against the “colour bar” in parts of London. A few weeks ago, the story was awarded “Best Exclusive/Investigation” of the year at the BBC’s Ruby awards 2014.


Tell us about yourself?

I have been a reporter and correspondent for the BBC for nearly ten years. Prior to that, I’ve reported for Reuters TV, ABC TV and Channel One TV, a London cable TV news station and worked as a radio journalist. I've also written and directed two documentary series that have been broadcast at festivals and TV stations around the world. In my current role, overseeing high impact investigations for BBC London TV, I try to give our audience a ring side seat on some of the capital’s most important issues. I first started focusing on investigations as a rural and environment TV correspondent in the north of England, as a way to electrify a very quiet “beat.” Over the years I have broken many high impact stories which have played across all outlets of the BBC and beyond - including some resulting in changes in UK law and the jailing of criminals. On a lighter note, I once got escorted out of a venue by Kylie Minogue’s bouncers for asking her in a TV interview how long it took her to think up her latest album title  “Kylie Minogue.”.


What is next for you?

I tend to live, sleep, eat and breathe every story I do. So you'll excuse me if for not revealing it here!


Tell us one thing you’re putting in your suitcase for Cavtat?

I've been to Dubrovnik before. And I remember getting lost. So probably an iPad with one of those tracking devices on...


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