Editor of BBC London TV News Antony Dore gives us an insight into the programme about migrant workers and the conditions they work in, which is the commended entry in the Magazine and News Magazine category.

Tell us about your Prix entry?

Our programme was based around an investigation into Romanian migrant workers who were being paid very low sums of money to work in dangerous conditions around London and other parts of the UK. We put a lot of effort and investment into this type of journalism and it's great when it pays off. After that we had a good combination of decent on the day stories and some interesting features which we hope captured the excitement and variety of what, we always boast, is the greatest city in the world!


Tell us about yourself?

I've been editor of BBC London TV News for seven years. It's always a very exciting job and i am very lucky to have a committed and talented team of reporters, producers, directors, camera crews, editors and other craft TV professionals. I wanted to be a journalist since I wrote to a national newspaper when I was 15, outraged by their coverage of a story, and was very surprised when they printed it. I've worked in newspapers, for radio, the BBC news website and also been a TV reporter. But running a programme that we know means a lot to millions of Londoners is the best job I'm ever likely to have.


What is next for you?

We move into a new studio next month, with a new look and design.


Tell us one thing you’re putting in your suitcase for Cavtat?

My camera. Having been on holiday last year to Istria in northern Croatia I can't wait to see another side of this beautiful country.


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