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will host judging of the Prix CIRCOM 2017.
This will take place in April 2017 in or near Odense.

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Esben Seerup, chief executive officer of TV2/Fyn, said: ”The eight regional public service-stations in Denmark are very happy to host next year’s Prix CIRCOM judges. All eight TV2 stations are busy changing ways of telling important and relevant stories to new platforms and at different times of the day. We are sure the meeting with our international colleagues will bring new thoughts and ideas to this work.”



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David Lowen, President of the Prix, said: "I am delighted we will be in Denmark again. TV2 has consistentely performed well in the Prix and we have very happy memories of judging in Odense in 1997 and also in Kolding in 2005. I look forward to meeting colleagues at TV2 very soon."




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