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The jury of the Prix CIRCOM awarded the production of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg on a honour killing in a family which lives in the West while retaining another culture. The story, which also won the new Prix CIRCOM category - Minorities in Society, was selected by the judges because of its strong line and its richness in elements. The award was announced at the Prix Gala in Malmö, Sweden, broadcast live by SVT and before 300 delegates from 26 countries who are attending the current CIRCOM Regional Annual Conference

Malmö, 05/18/2012 -  The programme Lost Honour - The Story of the Sürücü Family, from the German regional station Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, won the Grand Prix at Prix CIRCOM Gala, where best regional TV programmes and programme makers in Europe for the last year were awarded. The announcement took place on Thursday night at the event held in Malmö, Sweden, hosted by SVT, the national Swedish public service broadcaster. SVT is also hosting the CIRCOM Regional Anual Conference these days.
Interview with Matthias Deiss, the Grand Prix 2012 winner


The German production, about a honour killing in a family which lives in the West while retaining another culture, not only won the Grand Prix among a record number of 189 entries from 23 different European countries, but previously had obtained also the award of Minorities in Society category of Prix CIRCOM.

In this story, the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg shows how on 7 February 2005, Hatun Sürücü was shot at a bus stop in Berlin by her brother Ayhan, who claims the ”lost family honour” as his motivation and the defence of his murderous action. This crime is the most widely known ”honour killing” in Germany and has triggered a debate about ”parallel societies”.

The jury of 14 experienced professional television producers and executives from all over the continent, reported that from the start they were stunned by the horror of this cold-blooded crime and, at the same time, the distance the perpetrator can place between himself and what he did. They decided this was the winner because ”it is an honest attempt to understand the mechanism of honour inside this family and to learn better the reasons behind such a crime”. The story line, they said, ”is strong and rich in elements related to different cultures”.


In this Prix CIRCOM edition, France Télévisions and the BBC won two awards each, while the other awards went to Galicia (Spain), Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Romania. Nicola Rees, a reporter from the BBC Yorkshire, was judged the best video journalist in Europe for the second year running. Every winner received 2.000 euros, a trophy and a free travel to the CIRCOM conference and hotel accomodation. There was also a commended station in every category, which received free travel and accomodation.

The category winners and commended were:


Winner: TV Galicia (Spain) for Matalobos.

Commended: TG4 (Ireland) for Galway Races.



Winner: France 3 Languedoc-Roussillon (France) for Parasol and Crustaceans.

Commended: NRK Troms and Finnmark (Norway) for The Turning Point.

Most Original:

Winner: NRK Hordaland (Norway) for Hurtigruten Minute by Minute.

Commended: RTV Vojvodina (Serbia) for Star Dust.

Investigative Journalism (new category):

 Winner: SVT Gävle (Sweden) for The UG-portrait: Pär Johansson.

Commended: BNT Sofia (Bulgaria) for Vote to Rent.

Social Interaction and Viewer Support:

Winner: RTV Oost (The Netherlands) for Report Championship Match FC Twente.

Commended: SVT Växjoö (Sweden) for Berga is on Fire.

Magazine and News Magazine:

Winner: France 3 Poitou-Charentes (France) for Enquiries in the Region.

Commended: RTE Southerns (Ireland) for The Business.

Minorities in Society (new category):

Winner and the Grand Prix 2012: Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany) for Lost Honour: The Story of the Sürücü Family.

Commended: BBC Yorkshire (UK) for Autism.

Rising Star:

Winner: Raluca Chirila from TVR Iasi (Romania).

Commended: Rosen Tsvetkov from BNT Sofia (Bulgaria).


Winner: BBC Yorkshire (UK) for Yorkshire Olympic Dreams.

Video Journalism:

Winner: Nicola Rees from BBC Yorkshire (UK).

Commended: Razvan Cojocariu from TVR Iasi (Romania).


This annual Prix CIRCOM Gala was for the first time available all over Europe as SVT broadcast it live, on Internet in HD. The Prix Gala was attended by nearly 300 senior executives, producers and programme makers from 26 European countries who are currently attending the 30th CIRCOM Regional Annual Conference, which is taking place until Saturday under the motto "Reach, Relevance and Responsibility". Debates pay special attention to regional public service in the current context of budget cuts, as well as changes arising from technological innovation or the role of journalism and cooperation in broadcasting.

The winners/winning stations commented their awards in the following way:

FICTION/DRAMA: Rosa Vilas: “We are delighted. We knew that Galicia has a very good audiovisual industry which is able to offer high quality. Now this award is very important to us because CIRCOM gives us a strong European support in these difficult times”.

DOCUMENTARY:  Laure Pradal: " I am so happy. This documentary gives an absolutely different vision about the beach. This was a surprise because this is a comedy documentary".

MOST ORIGINAL:   Svein Haaland:  "This is so important for me, my colleagues and my company. We are happy. I really appreciate this coming from CIRCOM Regional. We knew that this was a very original idea and that we could have a chance… but you never really know!"

INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM:  Cecilia Eriksson Graner: "I am glad. Surprised!. This means so much to me because it is very important for me to remember that I can really do something useful for the future and believe in myself".

SOCIAL INTERACTION: Gerson Veenstra. "Seeing people enjoying this video is wonderful!. Not only for me but for all of my team. I did not expect to win because there were so many entries. I am feeling so proud".

MAGAZINE AND NEWS MAGAZINE: Florian Ringuede: "I feel so proud and happy. We started only 8 months ago. It was such a challenge. Everything was so new for me. So this award is very important for everyone."

MINORITIES IN SOCIETY and GRAND PRIX: Matthias Deiss: "This is wonderful!  It is wonderful because we worked so much. We spent so many nights filming and now we got these awards. We have never been awarded before so this will help us to keep going on with our job."


RISING STAR: Raluca Chirila: "I feel privileged to be here at CIRCOM conference for the second time because last year I attended the Workshop and I never thought this award could be given to me. I am honored."

SPORT: Ian Bucknell: "I am happy, delighted and proud. We worked real hard and people helped us. We won the award for this, because we worked hard and things went well".

VIDEO JOURNALISM: Nicola Rees: "I feel thrilled, excited and proud. After working so hard this is great. People thought at first that video journalism would not work. Just one person filming, editing and writing. And now there are so many video journalists around. It is great."


The judges met  in Iasi, Romania, in April, hosted by TVR Iasi. They are:

Cees van der Wel, RTV Rijnmond, The Netherlands
Ulf Morten Davidsen, NRK Ostfold, Norway
Maire ni Chonlain, TG4 Galway, Ireland
Mojca Recek, RTVSlo Maribor, Slovenia
Dan Ratiu, TVR Timisoara, Romania
Nick Simons, NRK Ostfold, Norway
Johan Linden, SVT and Circom Regional, Sweden
Carmen Olaru, TVR Iasi, Romania
Karol Cioma, Circom Regional, Wales
Tony O’Shaughnessy, Circom Regional, Wales
Nikki O’Donnell, BBC East, England
Valerie Giacomello, France TV, France
Malgorzata Orlowska, TVP Lublin, Poland
Theodoris Tsepos, ERT 3 Thessaloniki, Greece
Geronimo Akelund, SVT Stockholm, Sweden


Judges at the viewing sessions in Iasi, Romania, explain how they go about their task of finding the best regional television programmes in Europe:


This was a record year for the Prix with 189 entries, beating the previous best of 183 in 2007 and well above last year’s 157.


Prix CIRCOM 2012 Gala picture gallery