Euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe with a daily audience of 6.5 million viewers, will sponsor the Magazine and News Magazine category of the Prix CIRCOM.

The category will have a cash award value of 2,000 euros, a trophy and the opportunity for a representative of the winning station to attend the gala tv award show hosted and broadcast by TV Galicia in May. Euronews will also finance the attendance at the gala and the regional tv conference of a representative of a second station whose entry is commended by the judges.

It is hoped Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews, will attend the gala and present the award. The Euronews operation now employs 400 journalists from 25 countries delivering news and reports 24/7 in 12 editions with the 13th being Hungarian with a launch in Hungary in April.

David Lowen, President of the Prix CIRCOM, said at the announcement: "I am delighted that Euronews is a new sponsor. Euronews sets a benchmark for global news quality and range and ensures that a European perspective is made available around the world. Many of our Circom members are partners in the news provider."

The 2012 winner of the Magazine and News Magazine category was Enquetes de Regions (Enquiries in the Region) of France 3 Poitou Charentes and the commended entry was The Business from RTE Southerns, Ireland.

The closing date for programme entries in the new competition is Friday 22 March 2013.
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