A new category, News Programme, has been added to the content and skills awards which showcase the production talent in the national regions and small nations in Europe. There are three new sponsoring public service media organisations.

RPO, the newly-formed regional news operator in The Netherlands, supports the new News Programme category bringing the total number of categories to 11 and the total value of the awards in cash, trophy and benefits to almost 45,000 euros.

meet judges 2019The Grand Prix – the best of the best – is now sponsored by TVP Poland. NRK Norway, a second new sponsor, takes over TVP’s sponsorship of the category Most Original and Innovative. BNT Bulgaria is yet another new sponsor, taking over the category Europe.

The awards are open only to the 230 member stations of CIRCOM Regional spread across 30 European states.

Category winners are invited to send two delegates free to the CIRCOM conference and gala awards night and those commended can send one delegate. The gala awards show is on Thursday 30 May 2019, in Novi Sad, Serbia, hosted by RTV.

The judging is in Delden, The Netherlands, hosted by RTV Oost from 8 to 13 April 2019 - meet the Prix 2019 judgesThe winners will be announced in the week after the judging.


The sponsors and categories in 2019 are:

pof tvp

  TVP Poland, sponsor of Grand Prix


pof rte 
RTÉ Ireland, sponsor of Documentary

pof asturias galicia TPA Asturias-TVG Galicia, sponsors of Entertainment and Drama 

pof bnt  BNT Bulgaria, sponsor of Europe 

pof coe1


 Council of Europe, sponsor of Investigative Journalism


pof ftv 120

 France Télévisions, sponsor of Minorities in Society


pof nrk

  NRK Norway, sponsor of Most Original and Innovative


pof tg4 v2

  TG4 Ireland, sponsor of Music and Arts


pof rpo

 RPO The Netherlands
, sponsor of News Programme


 SVT Sweden, sponsor of News Report

, sponsor of Video Journalism


     TVR Romania, sponsor of Young Onscreen Talent


EP logo2015 100

In addition, participating stations in the CIRCOM co-production and co-operation project Citizenship, supported by the European Parliament, have a Special Award for the best features which attracts a further trophy, award and visit to the conference and awards.