Senior Management workshop
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Main topic: AI in broadcast media
Hilversum, The Netherlands
26th January 2024


How to Win at Prix CIRCOM 
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Online event to give you insights into how to win the Prix CIRCOM.
7th February 2024 from 10:00 to 10:45hrs CET


Harassment of Presenters and Online Abuse
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Protecting our teams and presenters from online abuse and stalking.webinar.
12th March 2024


Fact-checking & Verification
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European elections themed workshop for journalists and producers who plan the content.
Helsinki, Finland
11th and 12th April 2024


Shaping Media for the Future
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Workshop organised by University of Vigo both for Academia and CIRCOM members.
Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain
26th April 2024


The Future & Storytelling
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Training session that will provide content creators with a broader knowledge and confidence in using different tools to be creative daily life.
PoznaƄ, Poland
20th to 22nd May 2024 + 2 days conference


Leading Through Change
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Workshop to help anyone managing a team to understand how their style of leadership impacts team members and how well they work.
Budapest, Hungary
5th-6th September 2024


News Avoidance – The avoiders, what are we going to do about them?
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September 2024 - exact date TBA


Stepping Up 2024, workshop for women leaders
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With the increasing number of women taking on leadership roles in regional broadcasting, CIRCOM Regional is giving its third Stepping Up workshop for women leading teams.
Strasbourg, France
16th - 18th October 2024


Workshop on Climate Issues
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Workshop for journalists, with focus on improving editorial coverage, renewing angles and formats for climate issues coverage.
Brussels, Belgium
11th-14th November 2024


Creative Use of the Archives
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How to make the archives a creative tool for media.
Rome, Italy
November 2024 - exact dates TBA