ttt2014BBC Academy, Bristol, UK
17th – 21st February 2014

Training the Trainers workshop is designed for senior professionals who, within their own area of expertise, wish to gain the skills needed to become a trainer. The workshop was open to all departments from management to administration, from journalism to technicians and more.

The workshops objectives were to make people better trainers and help them in designing and delivering training sessions that are interesting and relevant to their chosen subjects.

They learned training techniques and understand how to engage and inform people effectively as well as how to assess and give positive feedback to trainees.
It is expected that member stations will benefit by having an excellent trainer available to them upon completion of the workshop.

11 delegates from from 7 countries participated in the course this year. 

This highly professional and inspirational workshop has assisted over 100 people in the development of their careers and has consistently been regarded as one of the best training experiences they have ever had (see testimonies from past workshops)