image003 1The fourth in a series of exciting new workshops specifically designed for our members in regional broadcasting Delivering Investigative Journalism With Impact, organised by BBC was held in Birmingham, UK, Friday, 12th September 2014

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Across Europe our daily news teams and current affairs programme makers are creating a wide range of compelling and vivid content. But are we exploiting our local content enough and are we working together to push it a much wider audience? As regional broadcasters we have the ability to hold those in power to account on behalf of our audience and help to bring local stories to a resolution. We invite you to join us to have a conversation about our content, our best practices and how best to deliver ambitious investigative journalism that has impact.
Panel discussions and interviews explored the role and value of investigative journalism, collaboration and its impact on daily news. We assessed the contribution it makes to community life. There were examples of best practice from across Europe, interesting personal stories and an assessment of some of the challenges we all face.
image004Delegates heard from several of the BBC’s best investigative practitioners and learned how they solve the problems that come with this kind of work. They were also given the opportunity to work in smaller groups to hone their investigative skills.
From “data journalism” to “how to prepare for the perfect doorstep” or getting hands-on experience with some of the latest technology available, this wasn't “talk and chalk ” - it was an interactive day with real “ takeaway ” value.
Chaired by Midlands Today presenter Mary Rhodes – who’s done a few doorsteps herself in her time, the event was hosted by BBC Birmingham in the heart of England. Our studios are home to Prix CIRCOM award-winning programmes including BBC Midlands Today, which in September 2014 celebrated 50 years of broadcasting. Our studios are also home to BBC Inside Out, BBC Asian Network, BBC WM, Radio 4’s The Archers, Television Drama and BBC News Online for England.