October 2020
online webinar

The European landscape of funding PSM is changing. Only half of the EU members have a license-fee model for financing PSM. The most developed media markets and countries have already replaced the license-fee model by a tax model.
According to the latest information and updates, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia are the new cases of PSM faced with the possibility that license-fee model of financing would be replaced by some form of tax. On the other side, Finland and Sweden have already done it and Norway will apply the tax model in 2020.

Beside these 6 countries we would like to compare and present at the workshop in Ljubljana, we can follow downsizing of budgets for PSM in Ireland and Denmark followed by a redefinition of their public remits.

The aim of this workshop is to define principles of sustainable models of PSM funding and financing, if the license fee model is no longer viable to answer the new expectations and to provide sustainable support for PSM remit. The second aim is to compare known experiences of PSM representing CIRCOM members, and particularly to “confront” solutions from Finland, Sweden and Norway with challenges to PSM in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The basic idea is to define 2 or 3 strategic issues for discussion and to direct panels to these issues more than to general debate. Maybe we will be able to design 3 panels and to ask colleagues from Finland, Sweden and Norway to direct discussion on each of them.

We hope to present rapidly key contributors from these six countries to present and explain legal and financial frameworks.
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