27th March 2020
online webinar

How to tell the news without being boring? Do journalists have to act as comedians in order to be heard by younger audiences? What about their credibility?

CIRCOM will attempt to answer theses questions with the help of two award winner experts in the field:

  • Vilde Bratland Erikstad, NRK (Norway), winner of Grand Prix CIRCOM 2018 with her programme "Stortvildet"
  • Jonathan Gibson, BBC (UK), commended in the category "Most Original", Prix CIRCOM 2018 with his programme "Craigslist crimes".

Both are successful journalists who achieved the difficult task to keep the audiences' interest in topics like politics or current affairs by way of creating innovative formats.
They will showcase their work and share their approach. 

The various measures taken to limit the spread of coronavirus forces CIRCOM to change its plans for the workshop “The rise of infotainment” originaly scheduled to take place Paris on the 27th of March. The Paris training center we booked for the event cannot welcome us anymore, and half of the registered delegates cannot travel due to their employers' new travel policies.

The workshop will however still occur in part on the 27th of March, but as a webinar and Q&A session that will be followed by a one day in-person training later this year, most likely after the Summer. The webinar’s content will be presentations and case studies by the scheduled trainers Vilde Bratland Ekistad (NRK), Jonathan Gibson (BBC) and Guillaume Kuster (CIRCOM).

We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding in these exceptional times.

On the positive side, this development means that more people can attend the workshop, especially those of you who couldn't join us in Paris for timing or cost reasons. You can register to take part in the webinar HERE If you were already registered for the training, you will receive a separate invitation including a link to the webinar (no software installation required to attend).

Please let us know if you would still be interested to follow both the online session and the Autumn session. Dates and place to be confirmed later on.